Was Any Of It Real?

10 Disastrous Ways Rumination Impacts You

AFTER Narcissistic Abuse

Reclaiming your power and control over your thoughts is paramount to moving forward after narcissistic abuse.

Identifying them frees you to do it with grace.

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Dr. Melissa Kalt, MD

Dr. Melissa Kalt, MD

Trauma Expert, Top Doctor, Antifragile Narcissist Survivor

Trauma Expert, Top Doctor, Antifragile Narcissist Survivor

Dr. Melissa is a physician turned narcissistic abuse recovery expert first through necessity, then by design. After leaving the relationships and completing therapy, she was too stubborn to believe life was as good as it gets.

Fortunately, she was right.

Dr Melissa discovered, then refined a unique process to get clear, break your trauma bond, and rewrite your subconscious scripts. She now frees high impact professionals from the longstanding after effects of narcissistic abuse, then guides them to leverage their experience to springboard into the future they desire.

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