Attention Narcissistic Abuse Survivors!

Want To Be In Control Of Your Thoughts?

Take your time and life back as you show your RUMINATING THOUGHTS the door…you’ve got sh*t to do!

How would it feel to take back control of your thoughts – and your destiny?

  • To be present in each moment with your family, friends, work – even with yourself, without intrusive, interrupting thoughts?

  • To feel like your mind was your partner, not a gremlin who has hijacked your focus?

  • To be without the constant doubts, the never-ending second guessing, and finally the walking away feeling like something is wrong with you?

"How Did I Allow This to Happen?"

I grew up in a household where there was a “right” way to do everything. It was an easy way for a parent to make everyone and everything "wrong. "

I was so used to being told I did everything “wrong,” despite being an ultra-high achiever…

  • Getting 97% on a test

  • Holding the flashlight at the wrong angle for the repair job

  • Buying a phone case without checking prices at 14 more stores…

That I learned nothing was good enough. I took on the job of making myself wrong as I grew up and took the blame – for everything – including my toxic relationship.

I didn’t ask myself “Why did he treat us this way?” or “What’s wrong with him?”

No, I asked myself “How did I allow this to happen?”

This was a nearly continuous way of pointing out to myself that something was wrong with me – near constant shaming and blaming. I was punishing myself.

I believed there was no way out of that loop – believe me, I tried EVERYTHING.

After 8+ years of searching for the solution, for the holy grail that would allow ME to control my thoughts and my destiny, rather than my ex, I stumbled on a process to break the rumination cycle. I say stumble, because I didn’t find it in a book, a class, a video, or a therapist’s office. No. I eventually became so desperate to MAKE IT STOP that the process was revealed.

Once I broke that toxic cycle, I asked better questions…questions with answers – questions that moved me forward. I took back control.

I could have continued in my thriving medical career – I LOVED my patients. That certainly would have been an easier path. But something ignited inside me. (I call it my Why.) 

My Why is to help narcissistic abuse survivors like you to leverage your history to achieve your dreams, to use it as a springboard, because that’s how we change the world

Hi, I'm Dr Melissa Kalt, MD

A Fellow

Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

I've created for you what I wish I'd had
- saving me 8+ years of time lost.

Imagine having a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS to end the brutal cycle of rumination once and for all, freeing your mind to inspire and delight you as you TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.

This email course, includes 30 DONE-FOR-YOU GUIDES

for the most common ruminating thoughts.

I've done the heavy lifting for you!

Tell Me If This Is You

  • Feeling like you’re a day late and a dollar short – like you’re always missing something – because YOU ARE!

  • Sleepless nights, then feeling exhausted all day.

  • Feeling like you can’t move forward until you’ve answered certain questions, then noticing your questions and thoughts only move you further away from your goals.

  • Missing opportunities – at work, in your business, in your personal life, knowing you are ALWAYS distracted by ruminating thoughts.

  • Trying to muscle your thoughts under control and feeling like a constant failure…

No thanks! Fortunately, you can stop ruminating fast!

Opportunity Cost

  • How many hours per day do you spend ruminating?

  • What is an hour of your time worth?

How Much Is Rumination Costing You?

For example, if you spend 4 hours per day ruminating and an hour of
your time is worth $50, that’s $73,000 per YEAR!

Of course, for many, your time is priceless. 

You only have so many…

  • Christmases while your children are young,

  • Days of summer vacation, 

  • Business opportunities

The benefits that stopping ruminating can bring to your life is incredible, and this only calculates your time and money! Other benefits include peace of mind, quality of life, presence, focus, mental and physical health, quality friendships, and new opportunities!

It’s time to stop falling victim to your thoughts

And train your mind to be your partner, not your evil

twin creating chaos.

It can be done easily when you follow our

step-by-step process.

You may have fallen for these myths…

#1 Rumination will stop with time.

It doesn’t. Trust me. I see people all the time who still struggle even 20 or more years after the relationship or situation ended. Ruminating is your subconscious mind’s way of keeping you stuck in a loop. That loop is on auto-pilot and has no intention of stopping.

In fact, believing this myth leads to more rumination – What is wrong with me?

#2 Thinking about these questions

is required to find an answer.

  • WTF happened?

  • Why did I stay for so long?

  • Why me?

  • Am I the problem?

  • Could I have done something differently?

These (and all the other common ruminating questions and thoughts) will not bring you answers or solutions. In fact, they take you further away from the answers you seek.

#3 I’m being present with my emotions.

This one got me for a long time.

Being present with your emotions is beneficial and results in emotional release.

Rumination CREATES negative emotions from the negative thoughts that you then attempt to process and release.  The trouble is you’re trying to process while blind-folded, hopping on one foot, with both arms tied behind your back. 

Your emotions can be acknowledged and processed from a place of strength – one that’s not accessible while ruminating.

Rumination Busters!

A step-by-step email course delivered over 5 weeks

Why five weeks?

Because that is enough time for you to

rewrite your thought patterns – permanently.

And I’m with you every step of the way.

Rumination Busters Is NOT…

  • One of those mamby-pamby online support groups where people complain about the same thing again and again without taking action and moving forward. Those groups keep you stuck.

  • It’s not a class where you’re held to the pace of the masses – where their choice to stay stuck creates inertia for all.

  • A miracle pill. You won’t break the cycle by reading through the process once. You WILL GET RESULTS when you invest 10 minutes per day implementing what you’ve learned – building that new muscle. Not surprising – that’s how you’ve created your success.

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up Today

  • Effective, step-by-step process, so you can quickly stop any future ruminating thought in any situation

  • Easy implementation, ensuring your success

  • Email format so you can address this destructive habit PRIVATELY and on your schedule

  • Daily Emails to keep this process top of mind, so that you successfully rewrite your neural pathways

  • 5 week duration so that you permanently and completely ERADICATE this harmful habit

  • 30 Done-For-You Templates for your most common ruminating thoughts, saving you TIME and BANDWIDTH

And sometimes, the ultimate victory

over your past is to show your ex

you’ve moved on…

About Dr Melissa

Dr Melissa is a Trauma Expert, Soul Strategist, Master Healer, Antifragile Narcissist Survivor, award-winning physician, mentor, writer, and mother of five amazing redheads.

A woman of extraordinary vision, depth, and healing,

Dr Melissa brings forth into her life’s work -- Helping Narcissist Survivors Heal -- an inner state of stillness, aliveness, and alignment.

Dr Melissa sees the greater truth in her clients and is passionate about catalyzing their unrealized potentials.

Dr Melissa Kalt, MD is a graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin – triple-board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Lipidology. She was voted to the US Best Doctors™ list by her peers year over year 2009-2018.

In 2018, Dr Melissa made the leap to expand beyond the limits of traditional medicine and left her 20+ year medical career to follow her Why. That same year, she found her forever partner in love and business, whom she married in 2019.

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When I was in the throes of it, I estimated I was ruminating 4 or more hours each day. 

Imagine life as a doctor and single mother of five (ages 5-14) with sole placement…

Just writing that sounds exhausting!

Now imagine the hours I spent (wasted) ruminating.

I was able to hyper-focus on my patients. (This is a quality that got me on the Best Doctors™ list). I did not ruminate while with patients or teaching.

I did, however, ruminate during any free moment, which meant that I had extra charting to do in the evenings. (The average doctor spends about 4 hours charting after hours.)

Sadly, I often wasn’t present with my kids. I definitely wasn’t present with myself. I pulled back from friendships. My mind was on my ruminating thoughts and trying to find the solutions that would never come by ruminating!

Once I learned how to stop the punishing cycle of rumination and rewrite my thought patterns, I started creating solutions.

I also got so much time back!


I started living again!

  • Completed a coach training program,

  • Completed Reiki Master Teacher training,

  • Completed Esogetic Colorpuncture training,

  • Wrote 3 books,

  • Lost 50 pounds,

  • Made new, meaningful friendships,

  • And really enjoyed each and every moment with my family,

All while working as a doctor with sole placement of 5 kids! It was like night and day.

That’s What I Want For You!

I created this email course to guide you through the step-by-step process I used to completely and permanently break the rumination cycle, in just 10 minutes per day for the next 5 weeks.

PLUS, I’ve created 30 DONE-FOR-YOU GUIDES for you for the most common ruminating questions and thoughts. It’s kind of like having a cheat sheet to streamline your time and effort.

You May Be Thinking…

This sounds too good to be true.

It isn’t. This process worked for me and it works for my students.

I don’t have the time.

You’re already spending the time. Whether you admit that to yourself or not is another matter. Thousands of survivors per year identify rumination as a major problem – often 4 or more hours per day. How many hours per day do you spend ruminating? What is that time worth?

If I don’t succeed, I’ll feel like more of a failure than if I hadn’t tried at all.

This is the ultimate self-sabotage, isn’t it? This thought process is a key driver in holding you back. And I get it? When you are a high-achiever who feels like a failure from this ugly habit that impairs your ability to achieve, the thought of more failure is intolerable.

What if it’s easier than that? 

What if success looks like committing to spend 10 minutes per day PRACTICING the process? I KNOW you can do that.

I have so many competing priorities. This isn’t the best time.

This is a good one, right? Your subconscious mind creates a compelling argument to stay stuck – detailing your business, your career, your kids, your household responsibilities, and more.

When will be a better time? 

Imagine taking back HOURS EACH DAY – hours to devote to your business, your children, your health, your hobbies, and more.  Imagine taking your life back.

What Becomes Possible?

I Want to Stop Ruminating!

Great! You can invest $2,000 to hop on two 30-minute calls with me and I will teach you (which would be totally worth it) OR you can make a single payment of $197 and start today.

What would it be worth to answer or eliminate even ONE of these questions?

  • What’s the matter with me?

  • Why did I stay so long?

  • Why me?

  • Am I the problem?

  • Is there anything I could have done differently?

Now imagine having the process, tools, and templates required to eliminate the most common 30 ruminating thoughts and questions of narcissistic abuse survivors.

If you’re in the top 5% (or you want to get back there), you know taking control of your thoughts and your destiny is worth every penny.

Normally $597

Today Only $197

You will only buy if…

  • You value your time

  • You are here on Earth to make a difference (and live your Why)

  • You refuse to let your past define your future…

And you’re tired of making excuses.

I’m So Certain This Works, I’ll Guarantee Your Success

You commit to doing the work – to learning and implementing the process.

I’ll commit to your success.

You’re Protected by Our Double Guarantee

  1. If after 10 days you find that this is just not working for you, that you’ve not reduced your rumination by even one hour (or 5!), simply send me an email for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

  2. If at the end of the course you have a ruminating question or thought that was not in the top 30, I’ll create a custom template for you.

With a rock solid guarantee like this, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Get Started Today!
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Stop Ruminating and Take Control of Your Thoughts

In Just 10 Minutes Per Day

  • Effective, step-by-step process, so you can

    quickly stop future ruminating thoughts in any situation

  • Easy implementation, ensuring your success

  • Email format so you can address this destructive habit PRIVATELY and on your schedule

  • 5 week duration so that you permanently and completely ERADICATE this pattern

  • 30 Done-For-You Templates, saving you TIME and BANDWIDTH


you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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