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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery?

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Before we jump in, we'd like to understand a little bit more about the impact of narcissistic abuse

on the current state of your personal and professional life.

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What to Expect on this 30-Minute Call…

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Dr. Melissa will ask questions pertaining to your present day situation so we can better understand your current stage in the recovery process and how to accelerate your process to complete.

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Based on our findings, we will provide recommendations about your best next step and answer any questions you have about our program.

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We will complete your enrollment and get your 1:1 kick-off call scheduled to jumpstart your process.

Disclaimer: this call is best suited for leaders…

With a desire to be of great service and create great impact in the world.

This could be for you, if:

  • You have already left the relationship and find that you are attracting new narcissists in both your personal and professional life

  • You have learned to identify red flags and avoid toxic relationships, and want to do the work to create a healthy, loving relationship with a partner who sees you

  • You have a big vision and are passionate about creating great impact, but find that your self-doubt, indecision, and self-sabotage get in your way

Because our strategies are specific to individuals focused on growth and contribution,

this call probably isn’t the right fit for you if…

  • You are still in an abusive relationship

  • Your greatest need is safety and survival

  • You are unwilling to invest the resources needed to break free

Got a Specific Question?

This is an enrollment conversation to determine if you are a good fit for our program

and if we are a good fit for YOU.

If you have a question regarding a specific challenge, such as how to handle your negotiation in a legal matter or how to coparent effectively, please schedule a paid consultation to address your questions.

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