A narcissistic abuse recovery accelerator to help you


With a proven process, without rehashing the past.

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Complete, lasting recovery happens when proven strategy meets precise, consistent action.

Which is why we marry highly customized 1:1 consulting with community, trauma extraction, and implementation-driven coaching: to get you the most impactful results in the smallest number of steps, so you can take the overwhelm and complexity out of narcissistic abuse recovery.

Client Results:


Improvement or eradication of asthma, GERD, IBS, hip pain of 22 years, knee and shoulder pain


Eliminated insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, and daily hours of rumination


Reignited a love for international travel


Launched a new charitable foundation


Won a national title in their sport


Reunited with family of origin after decades


Deepened relationships with adult children


Found a forever partner less than a year after ending a 30-year relationship


Saved an estimated $60K in legal fees


And ALL developed a deep sense of peace, joy, and wholeness.

Our 12-month narcissistic abuse recovery incubator is for
high-powered leaders who are ready to:

Our 12-month narcissistic abuse recovery incubator is for high-powered leaders who are ready to:

  • Break your trauma bond to take the narcissist target off your back – and repel, rather than attract, narcissists as business partners, romantic partners, employees, and colleagues

  • Create healthy, fulfilling relationships with your children, your family, your friends, and most importantly -- yourself by showing up fully as your true self -- maybe for the first time ever.

  • Recover your self-confidence and self-esteem – and finally operate as the visionary leader you were created to be without the drag of indecision, second-guessing, and self-doubt

  • Put an end to your self-sabotage and instead partner with your subconscious to change the world – so you can create far greater results for your time and effort while working significantly less

If that sounds like you…

There’s a spot waiting for you inside our year-long narcissistic abuse recovery incubator.

Are you ready to RESTORE your confidence, REWRITE your future, and RECLAIM your destiny by TRANSCENDING your past?

Let’s be real about narcissistic abuse recovery in 2024.

Implementation has never been easier – but it can feel anything like that.

You’re constantly hit with information overload – and worse yet, much of the information online about narcissistic abuse is either flat out wrong or incomplete.

You’ve invested in therapy, yet the therapist either doesn’t understand narcissistic abuse or has taken you as far as therapy can – halfway.

And because of that, complete, lasting narcissistic abuse recovery has felt impossible.

Up until now, you’ve managed to distract yourself from your past, focus on your future, and create some (often incredible) results – but you know it’s not sustainable.

Your indecision, second-guessing, and self-doubt are robbing you of precious time that could be spent moving you forward.

Your self-sabotage and limiting beliefs halt or reverse your forward progress, making you feel like you’re swimming upstream.

And deep down, you’re still punishing yourself for getting in the relationship in the first place making you feel unworthy of the grace, ease, and peace you deserve.

It’s no wonder you sit there wondering if you’re permanently broken, if this is all there is.

It’s time to reconnect with YOU.

You bring serious results to the table, but not without significant cost.

What you really need is:

  • A system for predictable results that is not reliant on narcissist and flying monkey behavior, legal proceedings, or the opinions of well-meaning, but uninformed family and friends

  • A strategic plan for your next steps, maximizing and hastening your results, while trimming out the steps you’ve already completed

What you really need is:

  • A process to identify, then rewire your subconscious mind so that it works with, rather than against you

  • A comprehensive method to reconnect and fall in love with you, so that your radiance and brilliance shine for all to see

If you are ready to invest in REAL narcissistic abuse recovery strategies from someone who has not only completed her own narcissistic abuse recovery, but successfully supported others in doing the same…

This program was designed for you.

We take the complexity out of narcissistic abuse recovery with a simple, but comprehensive process for rapid personal growth.

We specialize in:

Breaking Your Trauma Bond

Breaking Your
Trauma Bond

To help you reverse-engineer, then break the bond, making you no longer a magnet for narcissists and their drama

Rewriting your Subconscious Patterns

To break free from the stuckness of subconscious limits and make your subconscious your ally, maximizing your potential

Extracting Your Trauma

To fully remove and release your trauma (and its effects) without your needing to reprocess or rehash it

Activating Your Superpower

To leverage your experience to work FOR YOU, not against you, so you can truly transcend your past and rewrite your future

Accelerating Your Results

So you can make massive, tangible leaps in your health, wealth, and relationships – fast


  • Intuitive coaching – to quickly identify the root of your underlying challenge, then guide you through transforming it

  • Hands-on support – 90-day strategic plans with your narcissistic abuse recovery specialist with the opportunity for 1:1 hotseats on group calls

  • Guidance from an expert and narcissistic abuse survivor, blending truly getting it with a proven process

  • Community – an opportunity to engage with Soul-driven leaders just like you who are accelerating their results on this journey (with the option to completely preserve your privacy, if you prefer)

We meet you where you are

With strategic guidance to break through the trauma bond and subconscious patterns keeping you stuck – and take your recovery journey to the next level, so you can finally start experiencing the personal transformation you desire.

Picture this:

You finally have control over your finances – present and future, free of the self-sabotage and money blocks that were eroding your profits. You create so much value in the world, money seeks you.

You create deep, meaningful relationships with yourself and the people you love. You are seen and heard as your truest self. For the first time ever, you feel like you truly belong.

Your impact is world-changing. You have identified and embraced your unique gifts and deliver immense value to the world. Your contribution is recognized and appreciated. You are living your Why.

With our 12-month Antifragile Rebels Program, it’s all within reach, and – it’s closer than you think.

Leaders, it’s time to say goodbye to indecision, and INTUITIVELY LEAD without second-guessing, over-thinking, or self-doubt.

Will you have to open your mind to new things? Yes.

Will you have to take consistent action? Yes.

Will you have to dedicate time to implementing and executing what we teach? Of course.

Will you have to be willing to and ready to fail, to pivot, and to get back up and keep showing up in spite of the challenges? No doubt!

But, if you’re a “I want this – yesterday” kind of leader – then we’re for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

*Work with me is elite and discreet. Names are reserved or abbreviated for privacy.

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Entering the Antifragile Program saved my sanity.

I spent 20 years in five year increments trying to make it work with my disordered spouse. Every 5 years, I would break up with her but get sucked right back in with empty promises. After the second time, I married her. What was I thinking?!

I met Dr. Melissa through Quora, 3 months after filing for divorce. I had just discovered what covert narcissism is 4 months earlier. My mind was spinning, I was doubting every decision and thinking I was the narcissist. How could it all have been a ruse, a lie, a complete deception.

Entering the Antifragile Program saved my sanity. I have been in therapy most of my life but at no time did I learn about my own unconscious scripts. The voice that whispers, “You're not good enough.” I’m an educated, professional woman who clearly knew how important boundaries are. I had no idea that I was not important enough to myself to use them.

Through her program I learned to lean into my feelings, rewrite the unconscious scripts placed deep inside my subconscious and move so far beyond what years of therapy did for me.

It wasn’t easy but if you put in the work with Dr. Melissa, you will not regret it.

-- Amazing Woman* Senior Operations Manager, Civil Engineer | Pacific NW


Dr Melissa came into my life at my breaking point, and it changed my life.

“When I found Dr Melissa, I was really hurt. I was devastated because I'd never had anybody do something like that to me before.

It really bothered me. I guess in some ways it made me feel insecure. The shame I felt from being taken advantage of... I was just constantly hurt. And a couple times an hour I would think about her. There was no end in sight.

I'm used to logic and math. To me, feelings fall in the same category as creativity...and I can't draw stick figures. My emotions had always been fine with me until the narc, and then it was like complete turmoil... like being in a fog.

Dr Melissa came into my life at my breaking point, and it changed my life.

This program not only helped me academically to understand what happened, which is important, but it also helped to resolve things within me so that I'm not emotionally conflicted. 

I can't tell you logically exactly what that is...and it is not important.

The important thing is I feel like I've been healed.

I feel good actually. And when I think about her, none of it bothers me.

It's like looking at a math problem on a piece of paper. It doesn't hurt. I don't feel nervous. Nothing. That's good and it came from this program. It's like a distant memory I've learned lessons from, but I no longer need closure, because in my mind I've got closure.

I feel normal now. I don't even regret that that happened to me. And if you'd asked me that a year ago, I'd have told you I wish we'd never met. In fact, I actually feel better about myself now than I did before we met.

And I've changed the things that I can so I'm not eye candy to a narcissist again!

I'm so very pleased. This program helped me resolve things in a proper way. I'm no longer holding onto the anger, the shame, the guilt, and the inability to trust. I just feel so much better.

I have rediscovered my love of travel and making new friends. Retirement looks completely different now.”

-- Awesome Man* Senior Leader, Financial Industry | Southeast

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I am focused, fun, and full of joy.
My kids are giving me looks like ''What happened to Mom?”

“Before joining the Antifragile Program, I had extreme fear and panic about my narcissist son-in-law and the abusive effects on my daughter, grandchildren, myself, and our entire family. I spent hours going through details and irrational reality stories about his actions, and how to help my daughter. 

During the program, I identified my subconscious false core beliefs, as well as some of my daughter’s, that have developed throughout our entire life. The narcissist preys on those vulnerable core beliefs in his victims and attacks with love bombing. I have learned what a trauma bond is and have started breaking my trauma bond, and experiencing the joy and love of life that has been hidden for so long. 

Since completing the program, I have learned that I am an amazing, talented, and caring person that has so much to share with family, friends, and community. I have a place at the table! 

I am focused, fun, and full of joy. My family and friends are witnessing the qualities they knew I had but had been silent a long time. 

My kids are giving me looks like ''What happened to Mom? We have always been a very close family, but now she is full of life, quick witted and doing hobbies.”

The live sessions with Dr Melissa were so helpful and encouraging, as she was able to identify and target our issues. There would be "A-Ha" moments with glimpses of truth that would answer questions and help move the process forward.” 

-- Incredible Woman* Registered Nurse | Midwest

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Now I see how to make my life glorious.
The Antifragile Program opened my future for me.

The Antifragile Program opened my future for me. I worked on understanding who I am, what I want, and how to create it. It was a joy to discover what I wanted and find my way out of my narcissistic abuse past. I liked doing the exercises and exploring myself.

Dr Melissa helped me to heal the damage of narcissistic abuse. It was great to realize that the damage is reversible. I got tools I can use forever to continue to sculpt myself. The program was tremendous support and care.

I participated in the program after leaving a 4 decade-long abusive relationship. I clarified why I got in and stayed so long, how it changed me, and how to break the trauma bond and live free. Now I see how to make my life glorious.

-- Astounding Woman* Sr. Medical Professional | West Coast


Melissa is an expert trauma extractor – and I have come to understand that this is what leads to healing.

“I have been through extreme emotional abuse and distress for many years now. I had seen many good therapists for years – and I still do. They help me validate my emotions and feelings – and offer suggestions on how to overcome negativity. It seems to help only during the time I am talking to my therapist. And after that, I find myself back in the same trauma cycle – or a cycle of worse intensity.

I had attended more than six months of DBT therapy, and countless CBT sessions over the years. However, I still found myself suffering intensely – both emotionally and mentally. I suffered for a prolonged period from severe cognitive dissonance – and after a while, I saw that I was not getting as far as I wanted to go with these conventional methods of treatment. I was hurting terribly inside. I also went through an intracranial stenting procedure to fix a brain aneurysm that was detected earlier this year. I attribute it to the intense emotional trauma. 

These patterns of emotional abuse seemed to be feeding off of something embedded inside me – and as hard as I tried, I could not determine what was making me put up with the emotionally abusive behavior. I even left my abuser – but now what? “How do I change my inner core?” 

I was terribly trauma bonded to my abuser. Not only was I trauma bonded to my abuser – but also trauma bonded to the pattern of being trauma bonded! Because, growing up, that was the only kind of “love” I had known. I was raised by a narcissistic grandmother and family.

I contacted Melissa to help me heal because there had to be a way out of this! Within a couple of months of working with her, I could take decisive action and file for legal separation. This has now been converted to a divorce – and I am totally good with that.

Melissa is an expert trauma extractor – and I have come to understand that this is what leads to healing. Without this intervention from Melissa, I can confidently claim that I would not have been able to make such positive strides in my emotional and mental health well-being.

What made me trust Melissa? Well, for one thing, she knows and understands this type of trauma and extreme suffering and she has overcome it! Trauma inflicted on us by Narcissists and Sociopaths are of a devious nature – in the sense that it keeps us tethered to the toxic cycle. And this toxic cycle can only be reprogrammed by extracting the trauma from our bodies.

I have become a firm believer of this concept even though it may seem unconventional. I am beyond looking at the conventionality of processes – especially after going through so much suffering and pain. Plus, I was praying to the Universe for a long time now to give me respite from my suffering. And I am not one to question the conventionality or unconventionality of treatment the Universe brings to me. I trust the Universe. And I am so glad I did. And I plan to stay in the program for a while.

-- Incredible Woman*  Systems Analysis Leader, Defense Finance and Accounting Service | Midwest

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I am free today & live with greater ease.

“I am a retired Clinician who has experienced multiple levels of trauma.  It’s always been challenging for me to find someone who had the experience, knowledge & spiritual ability to meet me where I was at and help me move through the pain.  

Dr. Melissa was able to hold space for me in a way that no one else had.  There was no judgment.  I received healing daily, we met weekly & as the process unfolded, so did my complete story.  Old beliefs, memories, conditioning & non-truths began to come to light.  

It’s not easy being able to put into words just how profound Dr. Melissa’s work has affected me.  Over the year, we uncovered many, many layers of abuse, lies, untruths, pain & deception.  We also worked on societal conditioning I had experienced that led to the broken pieces of my core being.  I was able to share with her my whole story.  I didn’t have to make it easier for her to hear or witness.  

Dr. Melissa worked on me virtually on a daily basis removing trauma based emotions & their subsequent physical manifestations.  The longer we worked together, the greater her ability to access my Soul’s truth in this lifetime enabling me to become stronger in facing the totality & truth of my trauma.  I am free today & live with greater ease.”

-- Shining Woman* Business Owner | East Coast


12 payments of $2500

  • Access to the Antifragile Rebels membership site; your complete coaching hub for calendar, trainings, resources, templates, and more

  • Quarterly 1:1 calls with your Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Strategist: craft your 90-day plan to maximize your recovery in the shortest time

  • Biweekly group Trauma Extraction sessions

  • 2 Monthly Trauma Extraction sessions with hotseats

  • Monthly Q&A calls

  • Monthly Becoming Antifragile personal development call

  • 4 Quarterly Rebel Caucus to celebrate and inspire each other in community

  • 4 Quarterly Workshops


1 Payment of $27,000 (10% discount!)

  • Access to the Antifragile Rebels membership site; your complete coaching hub for calendar, trainings, resources, templates, and more

  • Quarterly 1:1 calls with your Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Strategist: craft your 90-day plan to maximize your recovery in the shortest time

  • Biweekly group Trauma Extraction sessions

  • 2 Monthly Trauma Extraction sessions with hotseats

  • Monthly Q&A calls

  • Monthly Becoming Antifragile

    personal development call

  • 4 Quarterly Rebel Caucus to celebrate and inspire each other in community

  • 4 Quarterly Workshops

  • 10% discount

  • Virtual group VIP day with Dr Melissa on Thursday, August 1st from 12:30-3:30 CDT

Why us?

Our mission: disrupting narcissistic abuse recovery and leadership development

The Antifragile Rebels Program was developed by Dr. Melissa Kalt, M.D., award-winning physician, founder & CEO of Sustainably You, and fellow narcissistic abuse survivor.

We are a team of narcissistic abuse recovery specialists on a mission to help Soul-driven leaders around the globe transcend their past experience of narcissistic abuse to create massive leaps in their health, wealth, and relationships.

A close up image of Dr. Melissa Kalt, MD.

Meet your mentor,

Dr. Melissa Kalt, M.D.

As a former Best Doctors™ list physician and medical director of 3 clinics at an academic institution, I know what it is like to lead and perform at a high-level, when you feel like you’re falling apart.

After leaving the practice of medicine to focus on my Why, I dealt with the daily challenges of clarity, confidence, and personal growth required to grow and scale my business while providing the highest level of service.

I know that one of the biggest challenges leaders face is iterating at speed, which is next to impossible to do when you’re dealing with destructive thoughts, inconsistent confidence, and self-sabotaging actions.

I designed Antifragile Rebels to combine high-level coaching, training, and personal development with trauma extraction, the key to iterating on your personal journey fast. It was designed to keep you laser-focused on the most impactful activities that will generate a massive return on your investment of time and money, so you can get what you need to move forward when you need it, without adding unnecessary hours to your calendar. Achieving your unique version of success is the ultimate end goal.



I’m just getting started. Is this program for me?


Our program is for those who have already left the narcissistic relationship – emotionally and physically – and have the ability to emotionally self-regulate. BOTH are required for the advanced techniques that are taught in the program. If you’re not there yet, we have a ton of additional resources to support you while you reach your goals.


I’ve been out of the relationship and working on recovery for years. Is this program for me?


Oh heck yeah! Your initial strategy call will outline your unique path, taking into account work you’ve already done. Don’t ruminate anymore? Great! No need to spend time there. You may come in and spend all your time rewriting subconscious beliefs and activating your superpower to accelerate results.


How much live support do I get?


You will have the opportunity to ask questions during one of the monthly Q&A calls, participate in live group trauma extraction sessions, sign up for hotseats for trauma extraction, and participate in the live Becoming Antifragile calls and quarterly workshops (you can always watch the recordings if you can’t make it.) You will also meet 1:1 with your recovery specialist quarterly for targeted feedback and an updated 90-day strategic plan to support your specific goals. You can reference our training modules in the membership site any time you need.


If I have questions, who can I contact?


You can click here to schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute consultation with our team.