Dr. Melissa Kalt, M.D.

7 Surprising, Costly Mistakes Leaders Make After Narcissistic Abuse

It's the mistakes you aren't aware of

that cost you the most…

As Soul-driven leaders, we are here to transcend.

Those who MASTER the ability to transcend their past narcissistic abuse, discover that THIS PROCESS is the springboard to both become industry leaders AND to create the personal freedom they desire.

In this comprehensive guide, Dr Melissa Kalt, MD walks you through…

  • 7 surprising, yet costly mistakes you’re making right now that are costing you hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars

  • The thing you're doing right now to slow your progress

  • The skill you learned in childhood that keeps you stuck today

  • The worst time to make an important decision

  • The common habit that takes you further from your goals

  • The biggest cost -- that’s missing from your budget

  • The invisible risk you’ll never see coming – until it’s too late

  • The underlying reason for lackluster results from your massive effort

…to help you create the awareness you need to elevate to the next level!

The Outcome

Flip the script on the mistakes that cost you most – by becoming aware of the ones you don’t currently see.

Uncover your destructive habits and strategies that need to change TODAY.

Create a strategy for when to time your most important decisions.

Identify what’s blocking your path to creating greater results with less effort.

It’s time to disrupt your life

before life disrupts you.

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About Dr Melissa Kalt, MD

Dr Melissa is a physician turned trauma and narcissistic abuse recovery expert first through necessity, then by design. A personal development junkie by nature, she discovered a way to blend trauma release and personal development work to jump light years ahead.

Now, as a leadership catalyst, she loves to free other Soul-driven leaders from the longstanding after effects of trauma, then guide them to leverage their experience to springboard into the future they desire.

As she always says...

I’ve created for you what I wish I’d had.

I’ve created for you

what I wish I’d had.

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